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About Us

SIU investigators are part of an “Integral anti-fraud" TEAM of professional claim handlers as defined by the CA Department of Insurance (CDI).   Every insurer admitted to do business in CA must have a means to investigate suspected fraudulent claims.  An SIU investigator is part of that TEAM.  At Source Investigations Inc., we can deliver the legal compliance and regulatory filings required by law. 

We have access and will include pertinent CA DMV records, sub-rosa surveillance results, and identify claim file patterns or trends of misconduct that are verified with  personal interviews of claimants, witnesses, medical providers and attorneys.   

Our experience is drawn from our law enforcement background, and our prior SIU position with national insurance carriers. 

When appropriate, and in a timely manner, we will refer the completed investigation to the CDI Fraud Division, and local county District Attorney's Office as required.   And we will stay firmly committed with the referral, and provide the important updates to keep you informed.

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